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Pavlova Coffee Shop


Set up by Irena Kovaleva, Pavlova Coffee Shop is an independent ice cream parlour situated in Crickhowell. At present, the shop has one full-time employee and offers a number of seasonal part-time positions during peak times. The coffee shop’s ice cream is sourced from a local dairy, with an exciting range of flavours and toppings. Pavlova also offers its own speciality Ice Cream Sundaes as well as a variety of delectable homemade cakes.

Irena had established an optician’s business on Crickhowell High Street five years previously and was looking for a new challenge. Fortuitously, there was an unused barn behind the practice, previously used as a store room for the local grocer’s, which had been standing empty for many years.

After identifying a gap in the local high street for an ice cream parlour, Irena decided to convert the barn. After a year of planning and construction work, Pavlova Coffee Shop opened its doors in 2015 to coincide with the beginning of the tourist season.


How has Business Wales helped Pavlova Coffee Shop?

“I contacted my Business Wales adviser, Jill Gorin, at the planning stage to ask her advice and from then on she was involved at every stage and assisted with every detail, from the name and branding, floor plans, sourcing of all the internal fixtures and fittings - and even helped me taste-test and choose the menu!"
Irena Kovaleva


Having set herself a new challenge of turning the barn behind her existing optician’s business into a coffee shop, Irena contacted Business Wales to seek help and guidance from her business adviser, Jill Gorin. Having previously provided Irena with her expertise and knowledge to help establish the Optician’s, Jill came on board to help develop Irena’s newest venture.

Jill became involved at the planning stage of the business and provided bespoke support with every aspect of its development, including branding, floor plans, coffee and ice cream supply chains, and sourcing all internal fixtures and fittings.

Business Wales also provided Irena with a wealth of information on Equality and Diversity issues regarding employment laws, VAT, health and safety, and advertising, amongst others.

Being a keen coffee connoisseur herself, Jill drank a fair amount of coffee and tried many ice cream flavours before advising on and finalising the menu for the coffee shop.

It wasn’t long before customers were coming from far and wide to sample the delights offered by Pavlova Coffee Shop. The location was even featured in the BBC documentary ‘The Town that Took on the Tax Man’.


The proudest moment in business

“The proudest moment in business was the opening day with the Mayor, friends and family joining me for ice cream and coffee. It was a pleasure to show off the restored barn with its new use and know that it was again making a contribution to the life of the town.”

Irena Kovaleva



Top Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  1. Research the business or know it well
  2. Do your maths as the numbers need to add up
  3. Make sure you know where to turn for advice
  4. Surround yourself with people you trust
  5. Have the courage of your convictions
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