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Rainbow Biz

Set up just over a year ago by life partners Sue and Sarah in Flintshire, Rainbow Biz is a social enterprise supporting individuals from underrepresented groups and impoverished backgrounds, with the aim of promoting equality and diversity within the local community.

Rainbow Biz organised their first Diversity Festival in Deeside in April 2016, which was highly successful, and they are already planning its second edition next year.

The business has also launched a number of community-based projects to support a diverse range of individuals, including mind-body-spirit craft fairs, ‘Flintshire Flicks’, a programme of affordable cinema experiences for families, running a ‘Hippy’ stall at local markets, and organising Flintshire Gay Pride, amongst others.

These events are staffed by volunteers from the local community, including socially isolated and vulnerable individuals, providing valuable employability skills and work experience, whilst also empowering and inspiring them to engage with and to contribute to their community.

Rainbow Biz is extensively supported by their local community, including local and regional councillors, and they recently have been approached by Lord Barry Jones, who has requested to become their Patron.

Rainbow Biz was recently shortlisted in the National Enterprise Awards.


How has Business Wales helped Rainbow Biz?

"Business Wales gave us the opportunity to engage with an experienced Business Advisor who could help us overcome issues and provide financial guidance."
Sue Oliver


The original focus of the venture was to create a business providing ICT services and providing workshops to support people to stay safe online. However, after being referred to Business Wales by Flintshire County Council, Sue and Sarah’s idea evolved, focusing instead on setting up an enterprise which is close to their hearts and benefits the well-being of the wider community.

After initial advice and discussions with Business Wales, Sue and Sarah were assigned a business adviser who supported them throughout their journey: from the change of direction of the business to securing funding for the project.

With the support of Business Wales, the enterprise secured a startup grant from Flintshire County Council which Sue and Sarah match funded (circa £10k).

“Our advisor Carol was always happy to come to us, sometimes at short notice which was always very appreciated.” – Sue Oliver


The proudest moment in business so far

“Being shortlisted for The National Enterprise Awards, which was an honour.”

Sue Oliver



Top Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  1. Seek advice from as many people you can digest it from
  2. Be organised – carry a diary!
  3. Use social media to your advantage as it is really powerful
  4. Network with other like-minded organisations
  5. Celebrate your staff and volunteers
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