Working Futures 2017-27

Wales summary report and regional projections

Working Futures 2017-27 are 10 year labour market projections produced by Warwick University’s Institute for Employment Research (IER) and Cambridge Econometrics. The 2017-27 edition is the seventh iteration of these projections.

The aim of the projections is to provide an estimate of the likely trajectory of the labour market over a 10 year period. It is important to note that the projections were prepared prior to the covid-19 outbreak so do not provide evidence on the economic impact of the pandemic or lockdown.

The main projections were sponsored by the UK Department for Education. IER and Cambridge Econometrics provided additional projections for the Welsh economic regions and a summary report of the Working Futures findings for Wales. The summary report and full data tables for Wales are available below.

Projections for the Welsh regions (South East, North, South West & Mid Wales plus additional projections for Mid Wales and the South West as separate entities) are available from the IER website in the related links section below.

Please note that to download the regional workbooks you will need to obtain Business Register and Employment Survey access via the NOMIS system. The IER website explains how this can be done.