Murco Transform Skills Programme

Successful businesses require a skilled workforce to realise their growth and profit aspirations.

The Murco Transform Skills Programme aims to help you to safeguard and grow your business and exploit new markets or sectors.

What it’s about 

The Murco Transform Skills Programme offers a package of specialist skills advice and funding to help you diversify and develop the skills base of your workforce.

How it works

It’s very simple. Submit your eligibility checklist and, if successful, apply for funding with the help of our advisors who will:

  • diagnose your business training and development needs
  • develop your bespoke skills development plan
  • source appropriate training
  • maximise access to a range of programmes or funding.

An independent panel will review your application and if it’s successful we will make an offer of financial support to meet your eligible training costs.

Who is eligible 

The programme is available to businesses who:

  • have lost contracts as a direct result of the Murco Closure
  • are based, creating or sustaining jobs within Pembrokeshire
  • have a minimum of 5 employees
  • will safeguard the jobs of a minimum of 5 staff
  • can demonstrate a clear requirement to improve potential workforce capability to generate new contracts or diversify into new markets or sectors.

What kind of training can be supported

  • Training which is strongly focussed on achieving the outcomes as detailed in your application
  • Training that achieves widely recognised industrial standards 
  • Companies are encouraged to take up accredited training programmes or modules that lead to qualifications.

We can’t support 

  • Statutory and regulatory training, which is the responsibility of the employer due to EU State Aid regulations in force
  • Conferences, networking and training through experiential “outdoors” weekends.

What’s in it for you 

  • the services, free of charge, of a Workforce Development Advisor (provided your business has not reached the 'de minimis' threshold for State Aid rules)

  • up to £10,000 (up to a maximum of £3,500 per employee), towards eligible training costs. This can include the salary costs of staff during the time they are undertaking training.

  • Welsh Government funding towards eligible training costs (level of funding available is subject to State Aid Regulations in place at time of application):

    • 250+ employees:  50%

    • 50-249 employees:   60%

    • 1-49  employees:  70%

  • access to a range of programmes to meet your business needs including:
    • tailored specialist support for construction sector companies, or those supplying the construction sector through Construction Futures Wales
    • funded part-time and short courses available through a regional network of education providers
    • work-based learning including Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Work Ready Programme and Jobs Growth Wales
    • ReAct employer subsidy to recruit individuals under notice of redundancy
    • Business Wales mentoring and events relevant to your business.

IT'S TIME to train for tomorrow

Complete the eligibility checklist (below) and submit to the Department for Education and Skills on

For any other enquiries please e-mail