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Qualifications are all about having a tangible record of success. But it’s vital they’re meaningful to employers. You need to know every recruit, no matter where and how they pursued their learning, is equipped with the right skills for your business.

A credit-based system of qualifications, designed with the help of employers, makes it easier to understand what the learner has achieved and can do.

It means your employees are fully trained for the modern workplace – and you can attract and keep the best people by offering nationally recognised qualifications.

Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales

Learning can take place anywhere - in the workplace, community, through  volunteering, at school and colleges. It can be hard for employers to work out if individuals have learnt the right skills for the job.

The Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales (CQFW) compares and accredits different levels of achievements across all types of education and training.

National Occupational Standards

These standards are based on a very simple principle - employers know best.

They describe what an individual needs to do, know and understand in order to carry out a particular job or function. They're all about effective performance at work.

They enable employers to improve the skills of their workforce, increase productivity, develop training plans and recruit and keep the best people.

National Occupational Standards are developed for employers by employers through identified delivery  partners. 

Sector Skills Councils

The main function of the Sector Skills Councils is to design and build a skills system driven by employer demand. Helping to reduce skills gaps, improve productivity, boost performance and improve the supply  of learning.

The Councils are completely independent and bring together employers, learning providers, trade unions and professional bodies to develop the skills Welsh businesses need.

The Sector Skills Councils cover more than 90% of the UK workforce across sectors as diverse as  construction, creative industries, engineering, finance, health, retail and education.

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It’s important that employers have a strategy towards ensuring their workforce have opportunities to gain recognised and meaningful qualifications.