North Wales Business Academy (NWBA)

The programme's aim is to boost business growth and competitiveness in North Wales by developing and enhancing leadership skills across the entire region.  By getting involved, your business can expect to grow in a way that's organic and sustainable.

How it works

If your business chooses to participate, you will be assigned an NWBA mentor. This individual will be responsible for liaising with you to identify the areas you need most help with.

The programme starts with an accredited Strategic Business Growth module - which should be undertaken by a senior member of your business.

This module will allow the team to work with you in analysing all aspects of your business so that skill gaps and other barriers to growth can be identified. A schedule of management programmes will be drawn up - agreed by you - tailored to the needs of your staff.

Training is focussed on 7 core themes;

  • Financial
  • Business strategy
  • Sales & marketing
  • People development
  • Governance & ethics
  • Management operations
  • Business communications

You will be able to select from a range of modules within these themes to build a portfolio to suit both your needs and the needs of your staff.

Who is eligible?

Businesses in the following local authorities are eligible:

  • Flintshire
  • Conwy
  • Gwynedd
  • Wrexham
  • Denbighshire
  • Isle of Anglesey

Only your members of staff who are fully employed and possess qualifications at Level 3,4,5,6, 7 or 8 may take part.

What's in it for your business?

By taking part in the programme, you can expect:

  • Additional accredited qualifications
  • A better skilled workforce
  • A peer network and shared resources
  • A development plan tailored to the needs of your company
  • Increased profit margin
  • Increased client base
  • More motivated and skilled staff
  • Improved succession planning
  • More staff with skills at intermediate level and above

What to do next

If you wish to apply to this programme or have any queries, please contact: