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Trusted unemployment agencies and charitable organisations (including Prince's Trust and government departments such as the DWP) have teamed up with the nation's leading call centre operators to help train unemployed people in the skills required to find a job in the call centre sector.

The business benefits

The Welsh Contact Centre Forum is a partnership that works brilliantly for all concerned. The organisations working with unemployed individuals help them to gain the skills needed to find work in a call centre and start an exciting career in this growing sector. Your call centre will have privileged access to a steady stream of new, sufficiently skilled, eager recruits. And, as you can appreciate, finding the right staff with the right dedication is essential for any business operating a contact centre.

As a partner of the Welsh Contact Centre Forum, you'll be able to interview motivated applicants who have already been given comprehensive contact centre training by Wales' primary industry training providers. Not only will you reduce recruitment and training costs, your organisation will also be supporting the local community by giving unemployed people the chance to kick-start their careers.

What support will you get?

Since 2006, pre-employment training courses have had one single-minded focus - to help some of Wales' biggest call centre organisations find trained, motivated entry-level staff. It's training that has been written and devised by call centre operators specifically for call centre operators.

For over 10 years, it's been proved that the more focused you make the training, the more effective it will be.  Training is delivered by a carefully selected group of experts, all of whom have at least a decade of experience within the contact centre industry.

What's more, the training is funded by the agencies and organisations who are working directly with the unemployed individuals, and not by the contact centre organisations.

Your commitment

A partnership such as the Welsh Contact Centre Forum is all about sharing the load. For their part, the unemployment agencies and charitable organisations find the recruits and fund their training. In return, call centre partners are expected to guarantee job interviews for those who successfully complete the training. You are not obliged to take on any recruit, but you will be expected to give them every opportunity to prove themselves to you, and to convince you of their worth to your organisation.

Is your business eligible?

Any contact centre employer of any size operating in Wales and with current front-line vacancies is eligible to join the Welsh Contact Centre Forum.

We also encourage organisations working with unemployed individuals in Wales to join us as stakeholders.

Call the Business Wales Helpline on 03000 6 03000 or contact us


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