While we all follow the current stay at home guidelines, millions of us are looking for easy ways to stay in touch online. Whether that be with family, friends, customers, suppliers or all of these, there’s never been a greater need to connect.

Zoom is fast-becoming one of the most-used video conferencing platforms around because it’s so easy-to-use and it’s free! (although paid-for versions are also available).

With the free version you get to speak to up to 100 people, or just one, for up to 40 minutes. All you need is an email address and you can get started either using the desktop version or by downloading the app onto your mobile or tablet - using the app is probably the easiest way to use Zoom.

Here’s just a few examples of things you can do with Zoom:

  • Workout classes – up to 100 people can join or you can tailor it for just one client at a time
  • Arts and crafts sessions
  • Cooking demos and recipe ideas
  • Virtual pub quizzes and DJ slots
  • Gardening or DIY help
  • Beauty tips
  • Or, just to say hi and keep in touch with your customers

How to get started:

  1. Either go to Zoom or download the app
  2. Select create a free account and follow the steps – you’ll receive an email to verify your account
  3. Click New Meeting for an instant chat with someone or Schedule a Meeting - choose your date and time and save. To invite people, simply click Copy Invitation and then send it out via email or wherever else you choose. NB: Zoom meetings are free but if you want to run something a bit more sophisticated like a webinar you can charge attendance for, you’ll need to pay for it – more info here
  4. All Zoom meetings, whether instant or scheduled, are now password protected by default. For more info on keeping your Zoom meetings safe, click here.
  5. It’s that easy!
  6. Other video conferencing tools are available – find out more here.

We have webinars available to help businesses affected by COVID-19. The series will cover key topics considering COVID-19 and your business. Click here to find out more.

You can also find more tips and advice in our Information Hub or register for future Superfast Business Wales support.

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