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Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can not only save your business time by simplifying process, but it can also help you to increase sales.


According to Salesforce, a CRM system could increase sales by up to 29%, boost sales productivity by 34% and help improve forecast accuracy by 42%!


By instantly storing and organising your customer data from various touchpoints into one easy-to-use location, a CRM system will help you become more customer-focussed.


Your customers will benefit from a better, more targeted service and you can enjoy increased sales.


Here are 5 ways that a CRM system can drive more sales for your business


Real time information at your fingertips


Don’t rely on out-of-date or incomplete data to target your communications.


A CRM system will provide you with all the information you need at that specific time by bringing data together from a number of different sources into one simple feed.


Target customers more directly by understanding their current needs, activities, customer journey and interactions. All this information will improve the likelihood of completing a sale.


Better understand your customers


It’s likely that a lot of your customers will be on social media. By tracking their social media presence, you can get valuable insights through their conversations and activity.


If you know your customers better then you will understand their interests and needs, the messages that will resonate and the best times to engage them.


This deeper understanding will improve your marketing, communications and overall sales.  


Convert your current leads


Organising and tracking leads will help you understand your current sales opportunities.


Rather than trawling through reams of data to find who you should be targeting, you can select specific criteria and find those leads that are most likely to convert now.


Save on wasted searching time and spend that time trying to make more sales.


Effectively manage priority tasks


Driving more sales is all about knowing the best time to strike – and a CRM system will mean you never miss out on a customer request or a potential hot lead.


However, organising tasks by priority not only means you’re on top of the customers most likely to convert now, but also keeps your attention on the pipeline of activity those that will be prime targets soon.


Allocate resources and review performance


If your sales process has a number of steps, a CRM will help the sales team follow this more effectively. You can track the leads in the pipeline, find out at what stage they are and then allocate sales resources to those who are most likely to convert.


Tracking sales can also help you review and improve performance by comparing to your projections, reviewing analytics and closely managing client data to improve retention and future prospects.  


If you want to learn more about how to use a CRM system to boost your sales, register for the free Superfast Business Wales workshop now. Get practical advice to make the most of your CRM.

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