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Being a connected business is crucial in the digital age. Here are 10 tips to guide you!

Who are your customers?

Who are they? What are their interests? Take a browse of some of the users following your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Connect with your customers

Use the platforms and apps that they are engaging with. Are your customers on Vine? Set up an account and think of creative video ideas within your staff to engage those users.

Keep it consistent

Make your brand message consistent across every platform. Make sure all staff updating your sites know the tone you want to put across.

Good website

A website is your groundwork. Make sure it’s responsive on all devices to improve customer experience.

Get online to manage projects

Systems that can allow better collaboration and management are great. Concept Board allows you to collaborate with others in real time in one ‘whiteboard

Get mobile

Use clouds to help your staff connect out and about. Dropbox can hold large files to open anywhere.

Monitor and manage how you’re doing

Keep an eye on analytics and use this information wisely. Try Google Analytics to look at your website statistics.

Know how your employees are doing

Set up a Facebook group for your staff to share project ideas, event news and jokes.

Keep an eye on the market

What’s new? Can you use it? Set up a Feedly account to get updates from technology blogs

Stay alert

Don’t get complacent. Be innovative. Experimenting with new ideas is how you’re going to find what works best for you.

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