Christmas brings about many new challenges and demands for businesses. The busy buying period means businesses will need to manage an influx of holiday traffic, increased sales and new, seasonal customers. However, after the tinsel has been taken down and the last mince pie has been eaten, the next challenge will be keeping those festively ‘fickle’ customers returning to your business long after the holiday has ended.


How can you start building customer loyalty over Christmas?


Take the opportunity to build your email list


Every time someone visits your website or purchases from you, you have an opportunity to convert that user into an email subscriber. Growing your email list during this busy time will ensure you have a direct method of communication to follow up with subscribers post-Christmas and will enable you to start developing long-term relationships. Ensure an email sign-up button is clearly positioned on your website and the subscription form is quick and easy to fill out.


Promote your social media channels


Maintaining regular (but relevant!) contact is a key way to keep customers engaged. Social media is a great way to communicate your brand personality and enable customers to gain a better understanding of your business. This quick, dynamic method of communication is an easy way to share new offers, products, content and information with your audience. Feature social media buttons in a prominent position on your website and drive email subscribers to follow you on your channels.


Encourage customers to return with post-Christmas discounts


Tempt customers to purchase from you in the New Year with specialised post-Christmas discounts. Time-sensitive offers will help to keep your brand in the minds of your new customers following the festive buzz and will give you opportunities to re-engage customers with updates as the expiry date approaches. Ensure you’re sharing relevant and realistic discounts as customers will likely be more discerning about how they spend after Christmas.


Create a loyalty card scheme


If you’re not already embracing the popular ‘loyalty card’ scheme, the run up to Christmas is the perfect time to get started. If your business particularly focuses on frequent repeat purchases, a loyalty card could be a great tool to help customers choose your brand over a competitors’. Draw customers in with attractive rewards and actively promote your loyalty scheme via your online touchpoints and marketing activity.


Add that all-important personal touch


During this time of giving, make sure you add a personal touch to your marketing and communication activity. This could be as simple as personalising email marketing or sending a dedicated email from the manager wishing everyone a happy festive period. This is the kind of behaviour that will not only make customers feel valued at the time but will give them a lasting positive perception of your brand.


Celebrate your loyal customers


Christmas provides numerous opportunities to grow your loyal customer base, however, it’s crucial you don’t neglect those customers who have already grown to love your business! Take time to thank them for using your business and consider sending them personalised discounts for the Christmas period. Small gestures of kindness will help differentiate your business over competitors and ensure loyal customers stick with your business year-round.


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