Six Easy Ways to Market your Business over Summer

The good weather (sometimes!), brighter days and longer evenings mean summer provides a great time for your business to take advantage of the positive mood and adventurous spirit that comes with the time of year.


Here are 6 ways to boost customer engagement and grow sales during the summer season:


Think about what you want to promote


Your focus should be on key items or services that people will be reaching for at this time of year. Think about what your customers will be doing, where they’ll be going and what they’ll be looking to purchase. Have you seen particular peaks on certain products in the previous years? This could help shape your strategy this year.


Plan ahead and prepare your content


Observe some of the big brands who capitalise on summer – what can you learn from them?


As soon as a heatwave is about to hit, B&Q are promoting their garden items, Homebase is talking about their range of BBQs and Tesco is emailing you about their offer on picnic food.


Be savvy and prepare some marketing (such as email and social) that you’re ready to hit send on as soon as there’s a period of great weather or a particular event. Don’t wait for the time to come around – as with the weather in the UK it’s likely to have passed by the time you’ve got it sorted!


Engage on social media


Summer offers a great time for visuals and social engagement!


You could get some really great images of your products or services in use, particularly from your customers. Think sunny beaches, beer gardens, holidays with family and friends and all the great photos that come along with these!


Encourage customers to use a specific hashtag when posting online so you can share their photos, videos or reviews – it’s a fantastic time to spread online ‘word of mouth’ and customer testimonials. 


Run a summer themed competition


An easy way to get your customers involved with sharing great visuals online about your brand is to run a competition. All you need is a prize and a competition hashtag!


Get customers to take a picture of them using an item, for example, and all they need to do to enter is tag your business and use the hashtag. You’ll get loads of great content to drive more business through summer and more people will be talking about your business too!   


Align your marketing with key events in your area


This is a great opportunity for local business. During the summer there’s plenty of food and drink festivals, events for the family and music events happening. How can you get involved?


Even if you’re not trading at the event, you can make the most of the increased amount of people in the area and encourage potential customers to stop by your shop or café before the event, or promote the benefits of staying in your B&B or hotel.


Is summer already your busy time?


If summer is peak time for your business, could you benefit from automating processes or managing some aspects online to save you time, money and stress?


If you’d like to grow but you’re struggling to juggle all the parts then perhaps you could use a CRM system to better target your customers or social media scheduling tools to free up time, for example.


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