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Twelve Top Tips to Develop a Stand Out Blog

Blogging is a popular way to demonstrate your business’ personality and authority within the industry whilst offering value to your customers, creating key discussion points and driving more traffic to your website.

Setting up and running a blog is fairly straight-forward, but here’s how to make sure that blog stands out from competitors’ to win more loyal customers.

Develop a content calendar

Your digital marketing strategy (read our top tips to develop your strategy here!) should shape the type of content and messaging that you’re sharing on your blog. Consider particular themes and topics you want to discuss and activity you’re trying drive. A monthly or quarterly calendar and regular upload date and time will make scheduling your posts a habit.

Trial different types of content

Start by trialling various types and styles of content such as long articles, short blogs, punchy top tips, quick team updates, funny reviews or step-by-step guides. Think about including visual content such as photos, infographics and videos to make your posts more appealing. As you begin driving more visitors to your blog, you can assess the content that generates the most interest and conversion.

Offer something of value

Increase your returning traffic by giving visitors a reason to keep visiting your blog. If customers can expect regular updates and interesting topics they are more likely to remember your blog and anticipate or look forward to the content. Whether it’s funny, informative, helpful, personal, or engaging, your content should add some value to your customers’ lives.

Involve influencers and industry figures

Offer space on your blog to recognised figures within your industry. They can add something new and exciting and help drive new traffic to your website. Associating yourself with key people in your industry can also demonstrate your authority and help you reach a much wider audience.

Avoid sales speak

Your blog is all about offering customers something that they want to engage with. Don’t get caught up in every opportunity to sell something to the reader – instead let the quality of what you’re sharing speak volumes about the value of your business!

Use analytics tools

Depending on the platform you’re using, there’ll be analytics tools available to help you understand the content that’s generating the most interest. This data will help you develop your content calendar to drive more traffic and conversion.

Ask your customers what they want

Offer customers exactly what they want by asking them what they could benefit from. This could be through something as simple as running an online poll, sending an email questionnaire or asking your social media followers for feedback. 

Drive customers to your blog

Social sharing and email marketing are great ways to drive traffic to your blog. By posting new content on your social platforms or via an email newsletter you can keep customers up to date with new content, start online conversations around the topics or encourage readers to share with their friends and colleagues.

Think about your keywords

Improve your content’s visibility to drive more engagement by using keywords relating to the topics of your content. Ensure you’re tagging your content appropriately and using keywords in your titles.  

Don’t forget the design and format

It’s not just the content you share, but how you deliver it that will make your blog stand out. Your blog should be attractive, user-friendly and easy-to-read. Make sure you’re using a clear font, good grammar and punctuation, and a simple but visually appealing design.

Consider your voice

Readers will come to recognise tone and personality within the writing and this voice will represent your wider brand. It’s important, even if you have various team members contributing, that there is a standard level of consistency to adhere to. There should be an approval process in place before a blog goes live – even if that’s just checking with a colleague to ensure there’s no blunders!

Stay current but don’t jump on trends

A blog should help you develop your authority within your industry – but that doesn’t mean you have to jump on every trend that comes up. Keep informed about relevant news or important industry trends to ensure you’re offering knowledgeable and accurate advice, but consider the value of evergreen content. This will ensure your blog remain useful to readers whether they access it now or in 2 months.

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Whether it’s funny, informative, helpful, personal, or engaging, your content should add some value to your customers’ lives.