Keeping visitors and Wales safe this summer

At an online session hosted by Visit Wales, tourism businesses had the opportunity to hear from the RNLI and Adventure Smart UK on how to help guests and visitors stay safer in the outdoors this summer.

With 870 miles of stunning coastline to explore, the RNLI in Wales is offering coastal safety advice and guidance for anyone looking to get out on the ocean and involved in the numerous water pursuits available. It was also an opportunity for Chris Cousens (Water Safety Lead for the RNLI in Wales) to promote the RNLI local water ambassadors scheme where businesses based on the coast can help save lives by championing key water safety messages in local communities across Wales.

Also taking part in the session were Paul Donovan & Emma Edwards-Jones, project managers for Adventure Smart UK, which aims to reduce the number of avoidable incidents which the rescue and emergency services deal with each year. Adventure Smart is a national campaign to engage people positively with the simple information they need to take responsibility for they own safety and comfort while enjoying the outdoors. Whilst the campaign promotes outdoor recreation, it emphasises the potential for having a more enjoyable and comfortable day by following the simple messages. 

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