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Established in 2014, VehoGroup is a West Wales technology company, which designs innovative digital solutions to ensure efficiency and compliance within the transport and logistics sector.

A key product for VehoGroup is its mobile and web application, VehoCheck, which records vehicle defects identified during routine vehicle inspections and delivers them immediately to the transport operator for reporting and analysis.

Realising the potential of the app, the forward-thinking business, based in the Pembroke Dock Bridge Innovation Centre, sought Business Wales’ support in taking the product to the next level.

VehoGroup, led by Chief Technology Officer Lukas Gamble, currently employs 3 people.


How has Business Wales helped VehoGroup

“We initially came to Business Wales looking for advice on funding, either through grants or financing. Our business adviser Geraint Williams was a breath of fresh air. His can-do approach gave us that bit of belief that we could succeed. Geraint understood our product and its potential, and his contacts within the industry and access to venture capitalists have opened doors that we didn’t even know existed.”
Lukas Gamble


Lukas Gamble at VehoGroup came to Business Wales to look for advice on funding options for his business.

“Geraint Williams, our Business Wales adviser, came to us just at the right time. We had been through a particularly difficult period financially where our bank was reluctant to offer any support, and it felt like we were facing rejections at every turn. Geraint came in and made an immediate impact. He was positive, pragmatic and pro-active, introducing us to new ideas and opportunities.”

Business Wales has signposted VehoGroup to people and organisations that have helped them grow the business and strengthen their profile and brand within the industry. Despite the relationship being in its early stages, the Business Wales adviser has already provided VehoGroup with a general business diagnostic, shared international trade advice and sourced funding support.

Business Wales has also enabled the business to team up with a relevant venture capitalist and they are currently working towards securing a large contract with a public body.


The proudest moment in business

"Moving in to our new offices was a significant step and probably the proudest moment to date”

Lukas Gamble



Top Tips to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  1. Be open to new ideas, advice and even criticism
  2. Do not make assumptions about what is happening in your industry - be thorough in your research
  3. Utilise any business support on offer. Organisations like Business Wales can open doors and accelerate growth
  4. Be prepared to have some difficult times. All businesses go through peaks and troughs
  5. If you believe in your product or service and believe that people will pay for it, then stick with it. With enough hard work and dedication, you will get there.
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