Egni Rural NPT

Neath Port Talbot
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Project description:

LEADER funding was secured to install solar panels on community owned buildings in Neath Port Talbot in order to generate clean energy and this will involve securing leases on each site, carrying out structural surveys on all buildings to ensure that the roofs are structurally sound, ensuring that sites can be connected to the grid via Western Power Distribution and marketing a share offer to fund the purchase of the solar pv for these buildings.

By installing solar panels, cleaner energy can be generated which will enable community owned buildings to reduce their energy costs and save money. The opportunity to participate in the share offer will also give local people the chance to invest in a sustainable future for these community buildings. It is envisaged that this work will reduce carbon emission by 100 tonnes within these communities. 

What did the project achieve?

1.    Feasibility studies were undertaken including EPCs and grid applications; engaged with community organisations; and undertook lease discussions on each of the following sites:
•    Glyncorwg Ponds Mountan Bike Centre. New visitor centre (RDP)
•    Glyncorwg Ponds Mountan Bike Centre. Old visitor centre (RDP)
•    Cymmer library (RDP)
•    Cymmer Community Swimming Pool/Afan valley swimming pool (RDP)
•    Croeserw Community Enterprise Centre (RDP)
•    Croeserw social club (RDP)
•    Resolven RFC (RDP)
•    Resolven Building Blocks (RDP)
•    Cadoxton community centre (non-RDP)
•    Owain Glyndwr community centre, Neath (non-RDP)
•    Aberdulais Community Hall (RDP)
•    Twyn Teg (Coastal Housing) (non-RDP)
•    Twyn Teg: Awel (non-RDP)
•    Ysbryd y Môr, Aberavon (non-RDP)
•    Melincryddan Advice centre, Neath (non-RDP)
•    Cwmgors old school (RDP)
•    Friends and neighbours Centre (FAN), Neath (non-RDP)
•    Crynant community hall (RDP)
•    Cwmllynfell Millenium Hall (RDP) 
•    Cwmgors Rugby Club (RDP)
•    NPTCVS (non-RDP)

2.    £131,940 was raised to fund the cost of the solar panels on the following sites. this figure does not include Glynneath, Dove, Seven Sisters and AAT which were installed in 2014 but we carried out electrical checks and maintenance on these sites in 2019-20.

The 6 installs in NPT total 136kW. We understand that these 6 sites are the only solar installs in Wales supported by the RDP programme. 

Site Commissioned Date Total Array Capacity kW  Cost (£) Est. Annual Generation (kWh) Est. Carbon Savings (kC02/year)
Cymer Library 21/02/20 12 12,651 8,500 1981
Cwmgors Old SchoolCwmgors Old School 28/08/19 30 29,414 25,500 5942
Cwmgors Rugby Club 02/03/20 33 27,928 26,852 6257
Crynant Community Hall 27/11/19 4 5,202 3,400 792
Cwmllynfell Millennium Hall 14/02/20 11 12,624 8,500 1981
Glynneath Training Centre 2014 12      
Dove Workshops 2014 21      
Seven Sisters Community Centre 2015 30      
Awel Aman Tawe 2014 4      
Cymmer Swimming Pool ongoing 50 48,000 42,500 9903

Solar PV generating will provide clean electricity to building owners and the grid. It will help local community groups by reducing their electricity bills and retain money within the local economy; 

It will promote the use, and awareness of the need, of renewable energy to the building users and the general public. 
This project demonstrates a new financial model which will make it viable to install solar PV.

The sites used include: community halls, sports centres, and buildings used for youth clubs, among others.

Who were the Project Beneficiaries?

The building owners who will benefit from cheaper energy costs. The income from selling the electricity will be used to repay shareholders, to invest in further renewable energy, and to fund education projects.

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