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These case studies show how our business support programmes have helped Welsh businesses to become more successful by turning ideas into practical and commercially sound new products or services.

Abriox Ltd

Newport-based Abriox Ltd., a leading pioneer in remote monitoring, is expanding its international sales thanks to Welsh Government funding.

AD-OAT Project

A collaboration of academics and industrial partners has led the development of a novel poultry feed ingredient with predicted significant market value, set to provide both economic benefits to the

Adwell Foods

Adwell Foods was set up in 1993 in Mumbles on the Gower Peninsula to manufacture and sell a range of products for the hot drinks market.

Alchemy Expo

Cardiff-based Alchemy Expo, a leading pioneer in corporate exhibition display solutions, is set to expand its services worldwide.

Allied Aerosystems

Allied Aerosystems was founded in 1998 in order to test and calibrate engineered products used primarily within the aerospace sector.

Analysis Pro

Llanelli-based video analysis consultancy experts, AnalysisPro Ltd, have developed a unique, high quality filming software that has revolutionised performance analysis, expanding the company’s serv

Bangor University BioComposites Centre

Welsh academics and industrial partners have come together to develop a new wood treatment method which is set to grow the Welsh timber industry.

Bangor University Seaweed Cultivation

Welsh academics and industrial partners are set to access a global seaweed market worth £4 billion after discovering the huge economic value of seaweed in the cosmetic and food industries.

Byerley Technologies LTD

Byerley Technologies was founded in 2015 with Welsh Government support, after the creation of a product by SPS Ltd necessitated the foundation of a new company.


CellPath – innovation in cellular pathology

CellPath was founded in 1990 to manufacture consumable products used in cellular pathology for the diagnosis of cancer.

Concrete canvas Ltd manufacture a ground breaking material technology that allows concrete to be used in completely new way.

Launched as a virtual enterprise to address the lack of lifelong treatments for diseases caused by hormone imbalances, Diurnal is now set to access a worldwide market worth over £200million a year.


Leading designer and manufacturer of renewable energy systems Dulas, based in Machynlleth, has revolutionised the way lifesaving vaccines can be stored, exporting its products to countries worldwid

Electronica Products Ltd

Electronica Products Ltd specialises in the design of electric motors and generators. It also supplies electronic parts to leading manufacturers in aviation and consumer electronics.


Epigen’ is an academic and industry collaboration helping two Welsh companies gain access to a global market worth around £50million.

Ex Veritas

Ex Veritas, a small private company providing Explosive Atmosphere Certification, Safety (ATEX) and CE Certification, for major blue chip companies worldwide is set to increase its turnover by more


Eysys was founded in 2012 in Pontprennau, Cardiff, to develop software for the online retail industry.

Haemaflow Ltd

Haemaflow was established privately in 2008 as a spin-out from Swansea technology firm Haemair Ltd.

Invertek Drives

Invertek Drives is a global leader in the design and manufacture of variable speed drives used to control the speed of electric motors of applications in conveyor, heating, ventilation, pumping and

iViTi Lighting

iViTi Lighting was founded in 2011 to create LED lighting solutions to challenge the conventional lighting market.

KIGG and University of South Wales KTP

Established in Sully near Cardiff in 2005, KIGG Ltd designs and manufactures electricity Smart Meters, which send electronic meter readings to the energy supplier automatically, and provides subseq

Laser Micromachining Ltd

Created as a joint-venture company with Bangor University, Laser Micromachining Ltd (LML) has been progressively growing in North Wales.

MC Diagnostics

MC Diagnostics Ltd., a specialist molecular diagnostics company, has been able to expand its product offering thanks to Welsh Government funding.


MedaPhor was created by Cardiff University academics to help ultrasound trainees get vital hands-on experience before meeting their first patients.


John Brynley Jones of PPM Technology talks to Business Wales

Princes Gate Water

Knowledge Transfer Centre puts the sparkle back into Princes Gate Water.


Project Enduro grew from a concept into a commercial venture that is set to transform the world of mountain biking across the globe.

Reefshotz and Algal Biotech KTC

Reefshotz is a commercial venture set up by marine hobbyists to address the lack of quality live fish food and is now set to access a UK market worth an estimated £400million.


Riskmonitor, a statutory compliance consultancy based in Llantrisant, is set to expand its services worldwide thanks to the redevelopment of its innovative risk assessment programme.

Senior Flexonics

Crumlin-based engineering firm Senior Flexonics developed an Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler and was supported in keeping operations and jobs in the UK with the help of Welsh Government innovation

Simulity Labs Limited

Simulity Labs Limited provides Smart Card solutions to the wireless telecommunications industry in every continent, a global market worth £4billion.


The Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) is all about connecting public sector challenges with innovative ideas from industry


Launched as a subsidiary in 1989 after British Aerospace (BAE Systems) developed the first ever ultraviolet (UV) wire marker, Spectrum Technologies PLC is the world's market leader in laser wire ma


Leading designer and producer of plastic injection moulding, Splice Cast Ltd., has expanded its product offering and opened up new markets with help from Welsh Government funding.


Super Rod Ltd

Super Rod Ltd designs, manufactures and markets labour saving tools for cable installation professionals in the data, telecoms and audio visual industries.

Tan Y Castell

Pembrokeshire-based Tan Y Castell, a traditional bakery, has entered a new period of growth after the purchase of a robotised cake mixer with the help of Welsh Government innovation support.

Tectonic International

Tectonic International was founded in 1993 to provide high quality, bespoke printing solutions to industry.

The R&D Factory Ltd

The R&D Factory was set up with the goal of profiting from innovation. Now it is set to access the global plastics market worth $180 billion.

Unimaq Ltd

Wrexham firm Unimaq Ltd, a global leader in the design and development of drinks can 'decorator' equipment, is set to double its 50-strong workforce within five years and retain a firm foothold in


The Wales Medical Technologies Launchpad is a mix of competitively won Research and Development funding and tailored business advice and guidance.


We Predict Ltd

Formed in 2009 with help from the Welsh Government, We Predict has since grown into a global leader in predictive analytics, predominantly serving the automotive industry.


Swansea based Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating, is one of the World's leading centres for research and development of printing and coating processes.


Welsh business Workplace Worksafe tell their story


Pembrokeshire-based WriteMedia, a leading software development company, has created an innovative athlete management software application that has revolutionised the complex and varying training ne