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1. Wales Identity: Sense of place

In a world that’s increasingly virtual, it’s our feel that will make Wales stand out. That sense of comfort, security, and familiarity that blends the physical features of the land with memory, art and myth. That inexplicable touch we leave on the skin and soul – our sense of place. 

The broader work we do to promote Wales as a tourism destination plays an important role, but you have the power to make a real difference to how people experience Wales. We’ve pulled together an overview on the Wales brand and some guidance on our sense of place. Hopefully these tools will provide you with some ideas on how to create an unforgettable visitor experience. 

Wales brand video

Sense of Place guidance

Sense of Place video case studies

2. Skills

It is important that people who visit Wales enjoy themselves whilst they are here. If our visitors have a good time in Wales then they are more likely to return and recommend us to others. People are our most important asset in helping make this happen.

Investment in the people that work in the tourism industry is vital. Staff should be supported, developed and equipped with the skills to deliver the best possible experience for visitors.  

Our strategic priorities relating to skills, as set out in the action plan for Partnership for Growth tourism strategy 2013-2020 are:

  • Training our people so that they can thrive in the tourism sector 
  • Applying skills needed to improve customer satisfaction and experience 
  • Changing perceptions of tourism as a career choice

We as Visit Wales have no remit to fund or deliver training in the industry. We work with the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) and the education and training sector to ensure that the right training and qualifications structures are in place. We're working together to develop the performance of the sector and achieve the ambitions of the tourism strategy. 

For practical help to develop yourself and your staff, information and support is available on the Business Wales Skills Gateway.  

3. Digital technologies

Digital technologies (or Information communication technologies ICT) and online services have already revolutionised many aspects of the way we live generally and the way tourism businesses are run. We are heading towards a future where they will play an even bigger part in our lives.

The Tourism Business ICT Diagnostic Tool is a quick and easy first step review of your use of ICT.  Further assistance can be found at Superfast Business Wales and Digital Tourism - How to Guide [PDF]  

4. Gov.Wales website

Tourism is big business in Wales.  Tourists spend around £14 million a day whilst in Wales, amounting to around £5.1 billion a year.  Visit Wales is the Welsh Government’s tourism team, within the Department for Economy and Infrastructure.  

Visit Wales are responsible for formulating tourism policy, encouraging investment in, and improving the quality of the visitor experience in Wales. We are also responsible for marketing Wales within the UK and internationally.

For information on tourism generally including the latest tourism news, research and policy and strategy documents including our national Tourism Strategy ‘Partnership for Growth’ please go to www.gov.wales/tourism.

5. VisitBritain

VisitBritain is the strategic body for inbound tourism and the national tourism agency for Britain. VisitBritain deliver:

  • insights, trends and market research for international visitors to the UK
  • regular bulletins about Global and UK tourism trends
  • information about the economic and demographic drivers of tourism
  • data on volume and value of visits to Wales by international visitors 

VisitBritain also produce a series of detailed international market profiles, including information on size and value of different geographical markets, visitor characteristics, motivations for travel and activities undertaken in the UK.

Here are links to other websites with useful information relating to tourism statistics, research and insights.

VisitBritain Research 

VisitScotland Research 

VisitEngland Research 

Tourism Northern Ireland 

Office for National Statistics 


6. Destination Management Wales

Destination Management Wales website is the place for all those involved in the development of tourism destinations and the delivery of the visitor experience. It’s a website for sharing best practice and keeping up to date with latest developments

Destination management requires buy-in from the wide range of stakeholders involved in the delivery of visitor experience, working in partnership to ensure the overall quality of services and amenities (e.g. transport, signage and tourist information, accommodation, activities and attractions, events and cultural experiences) in line with visitor needs and expectations.

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