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Keeping your workforce safe

As recognised within the Together for a safer future: Wales’ long-term Covid-19 transition from pandemic to endemic (March 2022) plan, coronavirus has not gone away and will remain with us globally. For this reason, it remains important for businesses, employers and event organisers to consider what they can do to reduce the spread of the virus, and protect their workers and customers, including any additional protections for those who are more vulnerable, including the immunosuppressed or those who live with someone who is vulnerable. 

By continuing to implement public health control measures, businesses, employers and event organisers will help keep the spread of the virus low, improve consumer confidence and minimise the potential of further disruption.

The Public health guidance for employers, businesses and organisations: coronavirus gives guidance on how businesses, employers, organisation, activity and events organisers in Wales can reduce public health risks. 

The Public health control measures checklist for businesses, employers and event organisers: coronavirus checklist can be used to support you in considering which control measures remain proportionate to continue to apply in your workplace or business activities. 


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