About Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone

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Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone in Pembrokeshire, south west Wales was, at its inception, based uniquely on existing and potential new energy sites, building on the area’s established industry base.

Around 20% of the UK's energy supplies are received via Pembrokeshire, and the Zone remains an attractive location for energy companies with its excellent access to energy infrastructure, established supply chain and distribution infrastructure, skilled workforce and network of universities with expertise in a range of energy-related fields.

The Zone is also gaining a marine energy focus, given its deep sea port facilities combined with marine conditions suited to wave and tidal stream technologies, plus the benefit of electricity grid access. A new wave energy demonstration zone has been established 13km (8 miles) off the Pembrokeshire coast.  The zone, managed by Wave Hub Limited working in partnership with Marine Energy Pembrokeshire and Pembroke Port, has the potential to support the demonstration of wave arrays with a generating capacity of up to 30MW for each project.

Today, however, diversity and innovation characterise the range of local businesses and the Zone is particularly keen to support companies in other sectors to locate or expand here, too.

The UK’s only coastal National Park, Pembrokeshire is a well-known as a tourist destination, with our stunning coast and countryside providing opportunities to join a thriving tourism industry and a rich environment for all sorts of food producers.

Alongside new and established energy, food and tourism businesses and their extensive supply chains, life sciences, ICT and manufacturing firms are flourishing in Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone.

This diverse landscape means that the Zone has a wide variety of areas and sites, some in public and some in private ownership, offering a variety of accommodation and development opportunities.

Please take a look at the map and full list of key areas and sites in Haven Waterway Zone here.