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Introducing Business Wales’ Legal Expert Sessions; Two sessions that will explore the challenges of employment and sustainability in the legal sector. During each virtual session, our speakers will provide advice, support and share their own experiences to help you overcome these common challenges and build a more resilient business.

Bridging the Gap Between Recruitment & Retention

Retaining talented professionals and building a diverse, sustainable team is arguably one of the key challenges facing the Welsh legal sector in 2022. What can be done about the talent drain to Bristol and beyond? What more can businesses do to retain junior lawyers? Do great lawyers want to be managers? What’s next for practitioners in the post pandemic world?

Our speakers will share their experiences of these issues, offering a candid account of how its affected their firm, their clients’ law firms and how they’ve started to overcome the challenges. This session aims to inspire as well as detail some of the approaches and support to help you create greater opportunities for your law firm and your people.

Our expert speakers, helping to bridge the gap between recruitment and retention include:

  • Clive Thomas of Watkins & Gunn
  • Victoria Hall of Try Making Sense
  • Dan Mason of Yolk Recruitment

Achieving Sustainability Through Effective Business Development

Business development, networks and referrals are key sustainability tools for legal professionals and their organisations. Yet how the legal sector in Wales builds relationships and generates work has changed, thanks to remote working, digitisation and the changing expectations of clients.

In our second Legal Expert Session, our experts will share how they have shaped their practices to meet the needs of modern clients and the next generation – transforming their practices with technology, digital marketing and more. They’ll offer you the inside track on how they’ve made their legal businesses more sustainable and in turn, more attractive to clients. We will explore how legal entities can enhance their efficiency and extend their lifespan through digitalisation.

We’ll also discuss how efficient, future-proof law firms attract talented lawyers – why and how you should engage them in the design of your legal business.


  • Edward Friend of Carreg Law 
  • Kevin Harrington, Legal Consultant 
  • Paul Jones of CPM 21
  • Chris Sweetman of Sweetmans and Partners

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