COVID-19 – how testing can help manage the risk to your business

Regular, rapid COVID-19 testing is an essential part of helping us manage risks as we learn to live and work alongside the virus. Planning ahead can help to keep your staff, your customers and your business safe. 

Almost 1 in 3 people with coronavirus don’t show any symptoms so it’s important people test regularly to help stop the spread. Twice weekly rapid tests are available for people who cannot work from home. The tests give results within 30 minutes so can be done quickly at home or in work. 

Businesses with 10 or more employees who can’t work from home can get free rapid COVID-19 tests by joining the Welsh Government’s workplace testing programme.

What workplace testing programme offers:

  • Regular asymptomatic testing capacity at work that offers both supervised testing sites and self-test kits.
  • Regular testing of employees to find and isolate positive cases quickly and prevent further transmission, this usually includes the workforce being tested once or twice a week. 
  • Provides reassurance to the workforce who are unable to work from home.

How to join the workplace testing programme
You can find more information about the workplace testing programme on the Welsh Government website: or you can email the team:

How smaller businesses can get free rapid tests
If your business has less than 10 employees who can’t work from home, your staff can order rapid self-test kits online or collect from their nearest collection point:  

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