Wales’ leading doctor has urged everyone to take steps to protect themselves from Covid-19 as case rates are surging to their highest levels in the pandemic.

Dr Chris Jones, Wales’ deputy chief medical officer, encouraged people across Wales to get their booster vaccine and follow measures to curb the spread of the virus.

The latest figures show case rates have risen sharply to more than 910 cases per 100,000 people – the highest levels since the start of the pandemic.

Some 6,000 new infections are being confirmed daily, the majority of which will be caused by the new omicron variant.

New alert level 2 measures for businesses and updated and strengthened guidance to help people stay safe at home came into effect on Boxing Day in Wales in response to the predicted omicron wave.

The key things everyone can do to lower their risk of contracting coronavirus:

  • get fully vaccinated, including having your booster – the vaccine offers significant protections for you and for people you care about
  • self-isolate and get a PCR if you have Covid-19 symptoms, avoid others when ill
  • take lateral flow tests twice a week if you don’t have any symptoms and flow before you go out or meet people. If it’s positive don’t go and arrange to have a PCR test
  • keep your distance from others wherever possible
  • limit the number of people you meet with, especially if you’re meeting different people in quick succession
  • meet outdoors if you can or in well-ventilated places
  • avoid crowded places where possible
  • wash your hands; sneeze into tissues and keep surfaces lots of people touch clean
  • wear a face covering, especially in crowded spaces
  • use the NHS COVID Pass or show a negative lateral flow test result to attend large events, venues, cinemas, theatres and concert halls

All of Wales is at alert level 2. Read the current guidance and Together we'll keep Wales safe | GOV.WALES

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