North Wales Regional Economic Framework Survey

The Regional Economic Framework (REF) will be the foundation for a collaborative region. It will be the first step to create a regionally focussed model of economic development.

The REF will be co-produced to reinforce a single shared vision for the region and supported by a suite of shared priorities and outcomes.

The document is looking to consider issues such as:

  • how we develop skills to ensure future opportunities for our region; 
  • ensuring fair and rewarding employment for all areas of the region; 
  • enhancing and protecting our environment;
  • ensuring sustainable opportunities for the region and responding to the climate and nature emergencies; 
  • maximising opportunities to ensure we have the right infrastructure in the right places to benefit our communties; and 
  • changing our approach to economic development from simply growing the economy to ensuring an equal and fair economic well-being, having full regard to language, culture, geography and the region’s individual communities

There are many more considerations and we are looking to hear your views on the above and anything else.

Please ensure your views are heard by completing the online survey the final date to complete the survey is 30 November 2021.

Visit the North Wales REF website: 

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