Gwent Energy CIC

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Business description
Providing cheap or free electricity to community buildings, using solar panels which install on those community buildings. operate particularly in deprived areas.
Company registration
Business Turnover
Under 250k
Number of Employees

Branch Location - Blaenau Gwent

Contact Name
Contact Position
Managing Director / CEO
Branch Address

Larkfield Park
NP16 5QY
United Kingdom

01291 629936
How many people does your branch employ?
What was the turnover of this branch in the last financial year?
Under £250k
Do you export?
Which, if any, of the following terms would you use to describe your organisation? (Please tick all that apply)
None of the above

Energy and Environmental Goods and Services

Sector Type
Energy and Environmental Goods and Services
Subsector / Division
Low carbon building

Social Business

Sector Type
Social Business
Subsector / Division
Mining, quarrying and utilities