Significant environmental improvements for a heating systems specialist thanks to the Business Wales Green Growth Pledge.

Multi-Heat Services Ltd offers a range of heating solutions to the domestic and commercial heating sectors. With numbers of employees attending webinars, delivered by the Welsh Government’s Business Wales service, the business committed to the Green Growth Pledge and has since implemented a range of measures to minimise or improve their environmental impact, as well as achieve significant cost reductions.

Introduction to business

With many years’ experience in the industrial, commercial and domestic heating sectors, Pontypridd-based Multi-Heat Services Ltd specialises in providing and servicing natural gas, steam, hot water and renewable heating systems.

Apart from a wide range of products, including low-pressure hot water, warm air and radiant heat systems, the business also offers a repair and maintenance service all across the country.

Why is sustainability important to you and your business?

Sustainability is important to us at Multi-Heat Services Ltd, whether it be tracking and reducing our carbon footprint, or installing cost and energy efficient products.

As our customers are all over the UK, we have increased our fleet of electrical vehicles, allowing us to reduce air pollution, especially when travelling long distances and in busy town centres.

We have good relationships with our suppliers and are always able to source the most cost-effective products. We also attend product training, giving us in-depth knowledge of what is on the market. This allows us to give the best information to customers on the most energy and fuel-efficient products so they can also reduce their energy wastage and increase efficiency.

Business Wales support

Office Administrator Cathryn Stinton attended a Business Wales HR & Sustainability Essentials workshop as well as a tendering webinar in September 2020. She was introduced to the Green Growth Pledge by Sustainability Adviser Paul Carroll and has since supported Multi-Heat Services to achieve significant progress on their pledge, including:

  • educating employees of environmental management targets
  • introducing energy saving measures, including updating lighting as well as recording and managing the office energy usage
  • replacing vehicle fleet with electric cars
  • waste reduction through better recycling processes and re-using paper
  • carbon footprint reduction through monitoring and addressing vehicle fuel consumption
  • looking after employee well-being and mental health

Many of our staff have used Business Wales' free courses to increase our knowledge of different business aspects, including tendering and using our website effectively. At one of the tendering webinars, we found out about the Green Growth Pledge, which encouraged us to look at how we could improve our impact on our employees, customers and the places around us.

We are going into the second year of our plan and can see not only the customers benefiting from better products, but also the company and office as a whole, reducing our paper and energy wastage as well as improving our time efficiency. Our adviser Paul has helped us through the pledge and is there, if I feel we need additional help to achieve any targets or to progress.

Future plans and ambitions

Our plans include following our Green Growth Pledge and developing our commitment as a company. We also want to gain accreditation from standards such as the Green Dragon and SQMAS.

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