Except for some non-essential shops and public venues, we are not asking any businesses to close. However, you should encourage your employees to work from home unless it is impossible. For certain jobs, such as delivering or operating machinery, it might be essential to travel to work.

If you make a tax payment or pay a council bill by direct debit or Bacs payment, check with your bank. Your business rates account number should be the reference number you use for those payments.

Check with your local authority. Information on their process can be found in their application acknowledgement email. Or look on the COVID-19 part of their website, the link to which you can find here: https://businesswales.gov.wales/covid-19-grants

The Non Domestic Rates grant is payable only to the rate payer, but you may be eligible for the Economic Resilience Fund.

The grant is at the discretion of your local authority and its decision cannot be appealed.

Please discuss your situation directly with your local authority.

The grant will be classed as income into your business and taxed in the same way as other income.

Yes, all childcare providers with rate relief (properties under £100k) are eligible for the grant.

Details of the state aid route are being finalised and successful applicants will be informed before grants are paid.

We aim to process grant applications within 30 days of submission, please only contact us after the 30 days if you have not heard anything.