Interested in working in hospitality and tourism?

Looking for a new role that’ll challenge you and help you develop your skills?

Join #TheExperienceMakers and find your next role in hospitality and tourism.

There’s more to working in hospitality and tourism than just serving food and drinks. You’re also playing a role in creating memorable moments for guests and visitors.

With more and more visitors coming to Wales, the tourism and hospitality sector needs more staff.  There are a huge variety of roles on offer, from working in beach bars and restaurants, to five star hotels and visitor attractions.

If you think a job in hospitality and tourism might be for you, there are a few things you can do:

  • Check out opportunities in your local area – many businesses advertise on social media or even put signs in their windows
  • Call into the hotels, restaurants and bars near you to introduce yourself and leave your CV
  • Get in touch with a Working Wales advisor for a chat about your future

For further information visit Working Wales.

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