Refugee Integration Project

The Welsh Government’s innovative ReStart project enables Refugees to integrate into Wales by providing accredited ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) courses, and employability support. An individual undertakes a language assessment to see if they require ESOL classes and to allocate them to a class in line with their ability.

A holistic assessment is completed that explores different integration factors including their employment goals, previous experience, education and need for support. The work coaches provide support with CV writing, interview technique and job search.

We have 4 hubs that provide employability support in Wrexham, Swansea, Cardiff and Newport and 3 Regional Employer Engagement Officers who cover these regions who can help source talent for your business.

The project aims to connect these hopeful candidates with job opportunities to kick start their careers and lives in the UK. This ties in with the Welsh Government’s plan to make Wales a Nation of Sanctuary, we want to help Refugees who have fled persecution to start a new life in Wales.

Refugees have the right to work in the UK with no restrictions and have many skills and qualities that are going unutilised in Wales. We want to offer you the exciting opportunity to fill vacant job posts in your company and set a precedent for forward thinking investing in these hard working candidates whilst demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

What is in it for you?

  • Research by Mckinsey (2015) demonstrated culturally diverse companies are 35% more likely to financially outperform competitors and can increase your companies’ strength and presence in the international market.
  • Businesses have an opportunity to share their company ethos with candidates prior to their applications.
  • These candidates can add a range of educational and work related skills and experiences.
  • These individuals have experienced adversity in their countries of origin and have been forced to leave their homes, undergo a difficult journey to start a new life in the UK demonstrating their resilience, determination and resourcefulness.
  • Our clients can give businesses the opportunity to develop existing employees by giving them the opportunity to train, support and mentor new starters. 
  • Investing in these employees is beneficial as there is a 75% higher retention rate with Refugees than with other staff (Fiscal 2015). 

What can the Regional Employer Engagement Officers offer to businesses?

The Regional Employer Engagement Officers can work with any type and size of business who have either recruited refugees or who are considering recruiting refugees but have reservations over the process. We are experts in working with Refugees so you need not worry about lack of knowledge in recruiting talent from our project.  
The Regional Employer Engagement Officers can offer a range of benefits to businesses, such as:

  • Training sessions are provided to give further information about employing Refugees.
  • Answering any questions that businesses may have and highlight the potential benefits of recruiting refugees.
  • Enable businesses to expand their recruitment by including candidates from our project with suitable skills and experience.   
  • Businesses can also choose to offer work experience or work placements as a part of their recruitment process, but we ask for there to be a tangible job available at the end of this. 
  • The Regional Employer Engagement Officers can meet with businesses for informal updates at the post recruitment stages. 
  • Businesses can have the opportunity of attending engagement events to learn more about other businesses experiences of recruiting refugees. 
  • Join an online secure workspace to learn from other employers involved and to share knowledge.

Find out more

If you would like to learn more about the ReStart Project and how we can help you to recruit excellent candidates to grow your business please contact the Regional Employment Engagement Officer for your area or email






Graham Hughes

Tel: 0300 062 5365


Nadir Taha

Tel: 0300 2500 29

Cardiff and Newport

Lydia Brownlow

Tel: 0300 2509 47


The restart: refugee integration project is part funded through the european union asylum migration integration fund. Making management of migration flows more efficient across the european union