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Apprenticeships are a Genius Decision designed around the needs of the employer and can help transform your business by offering a route to find fresh new, sector-skilled, talent. Apprentices work alongside experienced employees to gain on the job skills while receiving outside training from an approved college, training provider or university. You cover their wages and Welsh Government offers support with some of the training costs.

By making a Genius Decision to recruit an apprentice you can; reduce costs, create a pipeline of talent and a skilled workforce, expand your business. Businesses in Wales of any size can benefit so register your interest now or read more.

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The benefits to business (214)
The benefits to business

Apprenticeships are designed around the needs of the employer and can help transform your business by offering a route to harness fresh new talent.

Employing an apprentice
Employing an apprentice

Apprenticeships provide the skilled workers that employers need for the future.

Employer success stories
Employer success stories

Apprenticeships are having a positive impact on businesses and the wider economy throughout Wales.

Apprenticeship Vacancy Service
Apprenticeship Vacancy Service

The Apprenticeship Vacancy Service (AVS), which will be launched in autumn, will enable employers to advertise and manage their apprenticeship vacancies online.

Apprenticeships Skills Policy Plan
Apprenticeships Skills Policy Plan

Aligning the Apprenticeship model to the needs of the Welsh Economy sets out Welsh Government's vision for addressing the needs of Welsh businesses and the wider economy.

Degree apprenticeships
Degree apprenticeships

Degree Apprenticeships are a new type of apprenticeship which combines the workplace learning of a traditional apprenticeship with a higher education qualification.

EU funds in Wales

The Apprenticeship Programme is funded by the Welsh Government with support from the European Social Fund.

Programme Checklist EU funds in Wales
Delivery Area All Wales
European Social Fund
Status  Live
Supported by the European Social Fund? Yes
Programme Lead

Welsh Government