Out of Work Service

The Out of Work Service provides peer mentoring and employability support to people who are in recovery from substance misuse and/or mental ill-health.  Employers can benefit from three months of advice and support from peer mentors if they employ someone referred by the service.

The main goal of the service is to help people to obtain and stay in work.  To achieve this, the service works with employers who want to offer opportunities to people in recovery – training, placements, skills development, but most of all jobs.

The service is delivered by Platfform in Cwm Taf and the Cardiff and the Vale areas and by Cyfle Cymru (a third sector consortium), in North Wales, Dyfed, Gwent, Powys and Western Bay.

The service is delivered mainly by experienced peer mentors – people with the lived experience of recovery.  They have been through it and know the difficulties.  Peer mentors also understand how work and recovery interact, and can offer support and advice to employers.  They can explain how employment patterns and policies impact on recovery, and how people in recovery can be loyal, productive employees.

The service forms part of the Young Person’s Guarantee to ensure there is no ‘lost generation’ in Wales following the COVID-19 pandemic. It enrols people aged 16-24 who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) and aged 25+ who have not been looking for work or have been unemployed for longer than 12 months.  Some may never have been able to get or hold a job.  The service helps them to prepare for work through suitable activities.  Others only need a minimum of encouragement and will be ready to work.

Support is also available for people in South East Wales who have become Short-Term Unemployed as a consequence of Covid 19.

For people to get into work, employers are needed who are willing to gain an understanding of recovery and to give people in recovery a chance to work.

If you are looking for new employees, and are willing and able to offer work or training opportunities and some initial support to a new employee in recovery, why not give the service a call at:-

Platfform in the Cwm Taf and Cardiff and Vale areas on 01443 845975; or

Cyfle Cymru in North Wales, Dyfed, Gwent, Powys and Western Bay on 0300 777 2256.