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Success stories

Bakery far from folding following sweet first-year success

Haf Wyn Pritchard

A Rhuthun-based businesswoman has proven that, with the right support and resources, anyone can rise to the opportunity and become a successful entrepreneur.

Haf Wyn Pritchard was working full-time as a local primary school teacher when she took on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to open a Becws Islyn Bakery branch in her hometown in April 2023.

A teacher of almost two decades, Haf suggested opening Becws Islyn Rhuthun to friends and owners of the original Aberdaron bakery, Geraint and Gillian Jones, in March 2023, who had planted the idea years before.

Despite having no experience of running a business, Haf more than doubled the bakery’s expected turnover within the first month of opening its doors to the public, thanks to the support of Business Wales.

Just like its sister shop in Aberdaron, Becws Islyn Rhuthun has become a community favourite, with locals and visitors flocking to the quaint shop in search of sweet and savoury delicacies, all baked daily in-house and marketed bilingually.

But Haf hasn’t done it alone. Haf’s husband, Rhodri, gets up at 3am every morning to bake Becws Islyn Rhuthun’s infamous bread, before setting off to his full-time role as an agricultural feed specialist.

Since opening, Haf has become equally popular among fellow businessowners, with the bakery’s launch increasing footfall and sales across town. Haf even joined forces with the neighbouring butchers shop, J.H Jones & Co, to purchase meat and vegetables for her homemade products, and has partnered with a number of Welsh businesses, from Jones o Gymru to Radnor Hills, to stock their produce.

Haf said:

The first week of business was crazy. Rhodri, who often helps out in the shop, took two weeks off work to help bake breads and cakes to keep stock high. Our friends and business partners Gillian and Geraint also spent the first four days with us, offering business advice where possible and helping us to stay on top of the never end queue of customers. It was a dream.

The support we’ve received from the local community and our fellow businesses has been phenomenal and has made this transition to entrepreneurism so much more enjoyable. Our customers are our bread and butter. We’re constantly engaging with them to build the business -  whether that’s raising profits by finally bringing back the beloved ‘huni buns’, or helping our staff raise their Welsh language skills through serving and conversing in Welsh. We wouldn’t be here without them and of course, Business Wales.


Haf reached out to Business Wales for support in April 2023, just one month after agreeing to take on the bold business venture, and was instantly paired with Business Advisor Gwawr Cordiner who, alongside helping Haf to develop a business plan, cash flow spreadsheets and policies for the business, signposted Haf to Business Wales online tutorials that helped her develop the skills needed to run her own business.

Gwawr also helped Haf to source and successfully secure additional funding which is being put towards new culinary equipment and will enable Bewcs Islyn Rhuthun to expand its baked offering.

Thanks to the support provided by Business Wales, Haf grew confident in her entrepreneurial role and set off independently to expand her front and back of house team, hiring five new customer facing and bakery staff to accommodate the growing popularity of the business.

Haf said:

Before approaching Business Wales I didn’t know the first thing about running a business, but I had to flip into that mindset pretty quickly when the opportunity presented itself. I had to go from teaching everything I already knew and had studied for years, to learning all about two whole new industries – baking and business – and a mix of brand new skills. It was daunting to say the least. As a female founder and CEO with a hand in marketing and consultancy businesses, Gwawr has been able to give me invaluable first-hand advice on how to successfully run a business, all in the welsh language! I never anticipated how successful Becws Islyn Rhuthun would be in such a short space of time, but it is all thanks to my team’s dedication and the support of BusinessWales.

In the coming year, alongside expanding her baked goods offering, further increasing sales, Haf has her sights set on opening another one or two Becws Islyn shops across North Wales.

Gwawr Cordiner said:

Changing career paths, especially after such a successful career, is incredibly daunting. But Haf is proof that, with an ambitious mindset and willingness to seek the right support, anyone has the potential to become a successful businessperson. It’s so rewarding to provide first-hand advice and see dedicated businesspeople’s ventures succeed. The fact that Becws Islyn Rhuthun is helping the Welsh language to flourish among staff and customers is the icing on the cake.

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