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Success stories



A productivity training and support company goes from strength to strength during the Covid-19 pandemic, with help from Business Wales.

Founded by Claire Farren as an answer to her need for a better work-life balance, Farrens is a Bridgend-based business that specialises in streamlining processes and challenging mindsets for companies. Claire got in touch with the Welsh Government’s Business Wales service for guidance on how to take the business to the next level and has since been able to source finance and win new contracts.

  • advice on business planning, cash flow, marketing, contracts and pricing
  • help to overcome growth and confidence barriers
  • 3 contracts won with Local Authorities and Welsh Government

Introduction to business

With over 15 years’ experience working with the C Suite from devolved parliaments to global corporations and local authorities, Claire Farren founded Farrens to help senior leaders overcome burnout, regain high impact and productivity, while bursting through growth barriers.

Farrens also specialises in working with assistants and support staff to change working styles and enable a positive work-life balance by using innovative IT tools, powerful structures for change and clear boundaries.

Why did you decide to set up your own business?

I decided to start my own business, as we wanted to expand our family. I wanted a flexible working environment where I could choose the hours I worked and be able to do school drop-offs and pick-ups comfortably. I loved my role as an employee, so I chose to continue this but in a virtual capacity, which could give me the flexibility I was looking for.

What challenges did you face?

The biggest challenge I faced was having the confidence that the decisions I was making and the directions I chose were the “right ones” for me. Having always worked for corporate companies, I had been used to having so many people around who would help make decisions and create a collaborative environment. Now I was on my own and naturally, you second guess yourself and seek a trusted support network to help and guide me.

Business Wales support

Claire has been working with Business Wales’ adviser Eve Goldsbury since 2018 when she received support with her business plan and financial planning. More recently, Eve has supported Claire with overcoming her own growth barriers during Covid-19.

Eve and Claire also developed a diversification plan for Farrens during the pandemic, enabling the business to win two new contracts with Local Authorities and one with the Welsh Parliament to deliver digital training, coaching and mentoring.


  • advice on business planning, cash flow, marketing, contracts and pricing
  • help to overcome growth and confidence barriers
  • 3 contracts won with Local Authorities and Welsh Government

Eve has been a fantastic adviser and supporter of mine for a couple of years now. She has helped improve my business knowledge and confidence with decisions I have had to make or directions I have chosen along the way.

Her business advice has upskilled me, developed me as a businesswoman and allowed me to grow with confidence. She has challenged me, taught me and allowed me to think differently about my business. She provides me with a safe place to explore my thought process and plan procedures to grow the business and myself!

Future plans and ambitions

This is an area, which is ever evolving for me, and I am truly grateful to be in this position. I am working hard to redefine my service offering as my expertise grows and develops. I would love to be a recognised productivity expert and I am currently building a plan to support this ambition.

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