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Success stories

Mindset Functional Fitness

Mindset Functional Fitness
A former Royal Marine launches dream fitness business in Treforest with support from Business Wales.
Neil Adams started Mindset Functional Fitness to offer gym classes and facilities to local people to help their physical and mental well-being. He received support from the Welsh Government’s Business Wales service first to start as a sole trader and then to launch his limited company. He is now working with Business Wales to explore ways to further scale up the business through franchising across the UK.
  • successful start
  • 3 jobs created
  • growth support to scale up the business

Introduction to business

Following a career as a Royal Marine Commando, Neil Adams decided to take the plunge into self-employment and start his own personal training business. He launched I-Kan Fitness in Pontypridd in 2014 to help high-performing busy professionals improve their health, fitness and mindset.
Since then, he has grown the venture to a limited company, Mindset Functional Fitness, based in Treforest, offering gym facilities and classes, as well as helping people to overcome PTSD and anxiety through functional fitness.  

Why did you decide to set up your own business?

I started Mindset Functional Fitness because it’s always been a big dream of mine to run my own business and make it a huge success through my own efforts.

What challenges did you face?

There have been many challenges throughout the process of setting up. The biggest one was knowing and understanding the correct paths to go down to ensure no stone was unturned.

Business Wales support

Neil got in touch with Business Wales in 2018 as he needed help to expand his personal training business and hire staff, targeting ex-forces personnel. He received support with business planning and cash flow, as well as developing his long-term plans to open his own commercial gym.
Since then, Neil has been supported by a Growth Adviser to get his idea investor-ready and launch his dream fitness centre, Mindset Functional Fitness, in Treforest. The business started in 2020 helping men, women and children overcome PTSD, depression and anxiety, amongst others, through the means of functional fitness.


  • successful start
  • 3 jobs created
  • growth support to scale up the business
Business Wales have been a huge help to me and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without them. My advisers have been fully professional, act very quickly in order to get things done, and always follow up with emails and calls to ensure I am 100% happy.

Future plans and ambitions

My future plans are to expand Mindset Functional Fitness Ltd by franchising the business across the UK – and Business Wales have already pointed me in the right direction. Here is to the future!
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