Find out how former Olympic athlete, Jamie Baulch is using SEO tactics and LinkedIn advice from Superfast Business Wales to help Bid In raise more money for charities with their innovative technology and silent auctions!

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"The one-to-one advice was fantastic – and I got to learn a lot. Definitely, 100% recommend it."

A silent auction is something when you have a charity event, you can see this marvellous event in the background which is going to happen later on. Basically, you have brochures on your tables and people bid on items which are in the brochures so it could be a Lionel Messi shirt, a Gareth Bale shirt or a James Bond signed print. The person who bids in the most on the night wins so it’s a really good way of raising money for charity.


The company is doing really well, it’s growing each day. Did some amazing events last year like Usain Bolt’s event in the Dorchester, I did the Monaco Grand Prix which then gave me the confidence to keep growing and getting better.


The advice that they gave me was very valuable. They supported me really well in the digital side of things because you know, it’s all about trying to market yourself and, you know, if you don’t get seen then nobody is ever going to book you. So, they gave me lots of advice on my website and how to get up to the top of Google, which I am up right now!


Using the digital technology to get ahead of my competitors is being observant to my competitors, seeing what they are doing and just doing something better. It’s like when I used to compete for Great Britain, you know, you study your opponent, see what you’re doing, train harder, engage and execute and win. So I’m all about that, I’ve done it in my former life, in athletics, so why can’t I do it in this?


So, not only have we got the traditional silent auction brochures, we’ve been in months of development building some digital stuff for silent auctions. You sit down at the dinner, on your table there will be some tablet technology. So, you click on there and you’ve got a whole array of different items which you may possibly want to bid on. Ryan Giggs shirt, I love Ryan Giggs. So, you tap to bid. My name, Jamie Baulch, is actually pre-assigned on this tablet. So click on the name, my pin code is four ones, and it’s the highest bidder so far and 505 pounds if I want to win this. Tap, bid, it says you’re the highest bidder on my actual tech which you’ll see on the big leader board here. It says that I’m the highest bidder. We have a massive leader board at all events, so that would be on the big leader board which you would see then that I’m the highest bidder.


So, let’s just say that a guy called John Smith has seen that I’m the highest bidder on the shirt, so we’ll click on John Smith. He’s disgruntled that I’m the highest bidder. It so happens that his pin code is four ones and now John Smith’s the higher bidder of that. This works really well for a bit of competitiveness which actually raises a lot more money for charities.


The one-to-one advice was fantastic – and I got to learn a lot. You know, it’s really nice when you tell somebody your ideas and their ears prick up and they think it’s really good. It just gives you that confidence to know that you are doing the right thing.


I’ve got about 10,000 people on my LinkedIn and because of my past career doing athletics, being a world champion Olympic silver medallist, they said you can really use that as an asset. So I have started doing that I am getting great results.


Definitely, 100% recommend it.

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