Hear from Sam and Sam who run LilBits to provide affordable, educational supplies and toys for children and adults with specialist needs. Find out how a free website review and online technology course from Superfast Business Wales helped the duo grow sales by 1200% just by making small improvements!



Hi, I’m Sam – and I’m Sam – and we run LilBits.


What we do is provide affordable, educational sensory and play resources, mainly focused at children and adults with specialist needs.


So, this is probably one of the most popular products. It’s a sensory rainbow cascade and, to be honest, my favourite product of all is the thinking putty because you can roll it, you can snap it and you can bounce it.


August 2016 is when our website first went live. In August, our sales were 56 pounds and 40 pence – and I remember that. We’re looking at a 1200 per cent increase in sales since this time last year.


Having a physical store, people can come in, they can see exactly what they’re taking so we have to make sure that online and digitally we’re on point, definitely.


So, since we’ve invested a bit of time into some training online because we were really sort of scrambling around in the dark. We now have a CRM for our Customer Relationship Management so we can take customers from a sort of prospect status up to a fully-fledged customer.


This is Sales Radar – so this is our CRM. We can now search very quickly all of the types of toy shops we want to hit. I’ve got his phone number, their website – I can quickly see if our products will fit with their products and give them a quick ring.  


My CRM links with my MailChimp, my MailChimp links with my Shopify. All of that saves us hours and hours and hours.


So, we’ve just had some new products come in so I thought we might unbox it and video it so we can put it online.


Customer: I like Facebook, I’m on there quite a lot and they’re on there every day and there’s always something fresh, different and something that catches my attention which makes me stop and click rather than just scroll past it all.


We have got plasticine!  That’s so old school. This one never dries out as well so that’s awesome.


Social media is huge for us – it’s massive – but we were making some mistakes. We got an awful lot of information through a workbook from Superfast Business Wales which we are working through consistently and it’s really helpful in that way.


We did the website without really knowing what we were doing and then we went and did the course with Superfast Business Wales and came away with so much to do – even down to how you name your pictures for SEO. We didn’t even know that and we learnt so much from them.


So, making sure that we’re using every type of digital resource we can – YouTube – and you know, we’ve just had a visit from a lady now (but these are really good for sensory baths for little babies) and she absolutely loves all of our products and she does vlogs and blogs and we’re going to work closely with her and that again is a back link for us and it’s a back link for her and we’ll benefit each other.


You can put them in the freezer. Oh – that’s nice! Oh yeah, that will be cool.


Superfast Business Wales had a look at everything we did, did a complete review on our website. We were zero on analytics and we had some broken links so when people clicked on it, it was just taking them to a page (404) that makes you want to just disappear so we managed to rectify all of it and those things, we would never have known about them if we hadn’t gone on the course and had the report – never in a million years.


We went and had it all for free – and had all this help – the only thing it costs you is your time.

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