NLS Solicitors has placed digital technology at the heart of its operations to progress the rising number of immigration enquires its received since the EU referendum.  


“Anything that can help reduce the pressure of delays in emotive situations is enormously helpful,” Nicholas Webb, one of four founding partners, says.


As the UK leaves the European Union the solicitors, who offer support for family visas and asylum claims, sponsor licence applications, and European free movement cases; expect the number of people seeking advice to rise significantly.


Using cloud has been fundamental to keeping costs down


“With the uncertainty surrounding immigration becoming noticeable we wanted to use the internet and cloud technology to make things easier. 


“People often need information instantly and to feel their case is being taken care of and not lost in the system. So our ability to reduce admin, to be instantly responsive, and to be accessible via Skype, for example, has really helped,” Webb explains.


“The company already has offices and a strong reputation in Cardiff, Newport and Swansea and is planning to expand into Bristol. 


“Using the cloud has been fundamental in keeping our client’s cases moving and our costs low. It’s crucial when you consider the initial investment required to open three offices and employ 11 people with a further two roles soon to be filled. We couldn’t have done it without thinking digitally.


“Historically every time we wrote a letter, we’d have to manually insert the client’s name, address, and reference numbers. Individually, this is only a few minutes, but if 10 letters are being completed daily, that’s up to an hour.


We can access key documents wherever we are


“Now our case management system automatically produces these details and uploads them to the cloud so we can service our clients’ immediate needs.”


NLS Solicitors chose their new case management system (Osprey) because it is accessible from any office and its storage facility complies with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) so all data is secure. 


Nicholas added: “It has a lot of benefits. For example, we can now access key documents wherever we are and provide real-time updates to our clients.


“So, if a letter arrives in our Cardiff office, it’s uploaded to the cloud which means the case worker can view it immediately if they are based in another office or on location with the client.


We can start work on cases immediately


“We also service international requests associated with immigration instructions so place real value in having a reliable internet connection, which of course cloud needs.


“Using the likes of Skype and other video conferencing software has saved us hundreds of pounds in telephone costs and allows us to develop relationships before the individual arrives in the UK.


“This provides us with the opportunity to begin work on their case immediately, something some solicitors may not be able to do. 


Our business has grown organically because of positive reviews and referrals to friends and family and a lot of this has been down to our use of innovation.”


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