When you are tasked with managing placements for over 500 apprentices every year, the need to be efficient with your office management is as important as finding the right person for the job in hand.


Thanks to support from Superfast Business Wales, Treforest-based More Training has been able to get more for its money out of Superfast Broadband, as well as revolutionise its online systems and become more flexible in the process.


The opportunities keep on coming as the business has plans to adopt Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) in the future.


Supporting bluechip and regional employers


Established in 2007 and with 14 employees, More Training are members of the Quality Skills Alliance and have extensive experience in the industry, working with a number of national bluechip clients including Ford, RWE Npower and R-TEK as well as numerous regional employers.


From heavy industry to customer service organisations, More Training’s focus is on developing key skills and knowledge to improve individual, team and business performance with lean, green work-based learning solutions supported by a highly qualified and commercially astute team of accredited advisors.


Their work-based training model offers benefits for employers who get experience and advice from highly experienced, hands-on training advisors while for the individual, there is the opportunity to improve their skill-set and enhance their career prospects by gaining a vocational qualification.


Huge changes to business operations


David Rees, Compliance Manager said, “Having superfast broadband has enabled us to have a much better service, our connection speeds have risen from 6Mbps to an amazing 95Mbps with no restriction on data transferred. We have also been able to move over to a VOIP system for communications, switching from one single BT line to four digital lines. And we get all this for the same monthly cost as before. Superfast Broadband has made a huge difference to our business operation.


Taking the electronic approach


“As a company, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to training. For example, we had always wanted to move to an E-portfolio system where all our leaners could have an electronic rather than paper file which could be easily updated and stored.


“However, when we first attempted to introduce the system two years ago the reality made it almost impossible as it took days to upload files due to the slow broadband speed available to us at the time. It sounds incredulous looking back, but running a back up in the past would take a day and a half, now it’s only an hour and a half!


“At More Training, our advisors work with employers to develop practical training programmes that support business objectives and improve performance. In many ways Superfast Broadband has also helped us to improve our own performance. We can concentrate on delivering training focussed on business improvement for our clients rather than being concerned about whether our own internal systems are able to cope back in the office.


“The introduction of Superfast Broadband in November 2014 has enabled us to introduce a new online system and uploading is almost immediate. The new E-portfolio system for learners allows us to store files, photos and videos for learner evidence. The system also allows learners to upload to the portfolio saving time and money on assessors going out to collate all evidence.”


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