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Whether you’re new to digital or looking for a competitive edge now everyone’s online, we have a 30 minute taster session and in-depth webinar waiting for you.

These will help you put digital at the heart of your business to make sure your customers find you and commit, as well as help you improve performance. Click a topic to find out more.

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Deacon Marriner's staff in their office.
The online office

This online course offers an in-depth look at how Microsoft 365 could be a timely lifeline for you to quickly move your office-based work online.

An athlete running around a cone.
Digital fitness

This online course gives you advice on how to maintain your business using tools to save money and make the most of flexible working.

Celtest employee working on a machine.
Cyber security

This online course outlines how to protect yourself from the growing number of cyber criminals operating under the cover of a global pandemic.

Beth Morris and two children at a workshop.
Social media basics

This online course shows you easy ways to raise your profile using social media and engage with your local community.

Wonderfully Wild owner in front of a gate.
Social media (advanced)

This online course outlines how to use social media to diversify online and create a new ‘business as usual’.

Hazelwood Carpentry staff in their yard.
Digital marketing basics

This online course covers affordable email marketing, SEO and social media strategies to drive website traffic and sales.

Harbour Lights Gallery owner using a laptop.
Digital marketing (advanced)

This online course covers advanced techniques to help you to compete in this new busy world of online sales.

Intrado employees in a yard.

This online course covers the basic techniques to build a professional website that attracts new customers.

GPT Environmental employees working in a river.
Intro to SEO

This online course explains how to make sure customers find you online now everyone is competing for space.

Walker Chiropractic employees sat in their practice.

This online course outlines how to maintain customer loyalty and win repeat business as competitors shift their focus online.

Hands typing on a keyboard.
Moving your business online

Whether you are a shop, hairdresser, pub or gardener, join us to find new ways to support your customers.

Someone paying for something on a smartphone.
Online payment systems

If you are moving your business online, discover which payment system works best for you.

Three housemates looking at a laptop.
Create a virtual local space

Find out how to use video conferencing and other tools to connect with customers whilst you work from home.

Someone using a laptop and smartphone at a desk.
Manage your business from home

From planning your day and task management to setting deadlines, find the tools to keep you on top of things.

Someone using a laptop on the floor.
Keep staff connected

Discover how to use technology to keep your team mentally connected and your business running.

Someone using Google Maps.
Help customers find you online

Find out how to be seen in the right places for free, such as social media, Google My Business, and more.

A man using two laptops.
Cyber Security for small businesses

We'll talk about simple steps that you can take to help protect your business from the cyber criminals operating under the cover of a global pandemic.