How we can help

Superfast Business Wales can help your business to improve financesreach more customers and simplify your work processes with a programme of free support designed to help you make the most of online technology to keep growing your business.

Here’s what our free support service includes:

Step One - Register your business

One of our friendly Online Business Advisers will get in touch to register your business onto our service and get you started.

Step Two - Choose your course

Take a look at the full range of online technology topics covered. Choose the one that best suits your business for practical advice on making manageable changes.

Step Three - Get tailored support

Meet with a Digital Business Adviser to discuss your needs and goals. Receive a digital plan outlining the steps and online technology to help you achieve those goals.

Step Four - Website Review

Get a free review of your website to understand what’s working well and what you could improve to attract customers and generate sales.