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General Data Protection Regulation

Understanding the General Data Protection Regulation for businesses that collect, hold and use data.

Creating An Online Presence For Your Business

There are many different ways of achieving an online presence. This course will help you to understand the options and opportunities that are available to you and your business.

Data Protection and Cyber Security

There’s no doubt that technology makes life a lot easier for the average business. But have you ever thought about how you’d run your business if you lost the data and information you now hold electronically?

Reasons for using Superfast Broadband in Business

Regardless of size, any company can experience benefits from using Superfast Broadband to power their business with online technology.

How to Reduce Costs with Online Technology

Every business wants to cut costs and many cover the basics like fully shutting their PC down rather than leaving it on standby overnight. But few take advantage of the time and money they can save by being online.

The Benefits of Using Cloud for Business

Cloud computing offers the benefit of being able to access software and solutions via the internet without actually owning it.

Online Marketing

This guide sets out some of the key components of online marketing, as well as best practice, so you can grow your business with confidence.

Saving Time and Managing Finances Online

With so many affordable off the shelf packages and bespoke alternatives for specialist needs available, this guide will outline some considerations. These include initial costs, set up fees, and ease of use.

Make the most of your existing resources

Tools that can help your people to work smarter, not harder.

The Best Technology and Support for SMEs

This guide will help you define which services best support your needs.

How to Successfully Manage Digital Change in your Business

This guide outlines the value in assessing whether the risk of taking on change is outweighed by the benefit, and how to successfully manage transformation through stakeholder engagement.

Getting Ahead of your Competitors

This guide will help you to stay relevant as customer expectations evolve with changes driven by the internet. It will reveal you don’t need to be an expert in cloud technology to build a winning reputation.