Marketing through SMS (Short Message Service) messages can allow you to directly communicate with your customers, right into the palm of their hands. You can reach them anywhere, any time and with limited competition compared to advertising and social media messaging.


However, the current proliferation of mobile devices and thirst for consuming digital content doesn’t guarantee success with the marketing method.


If you want to take your SMS marketing from mediocre messages to head-turning texts, read our top tips to make easy but effective improvements now


Be short and sweet

Your text should display key information and draw the reader in to immediately take action. There’s no space for unnecessary details so make sure you understand what will interest your audience, speak directly and share the main benefits.


Include a call to action

This is simple but crucial. Your text should lead the reader to take action right away so make sure you clearly demonstrate what this action should be. There’s no room for ambiguity!


Create a sense of urgency

Don’t give the reader time to click away from the message or forget it’s in the inbox. Create a sense of urgency to encourage the reader to complete your call to action sooner rather than later. Give a deadline and a clear link to click on or a number to ring, for example.


Offer immediate value

If you need to explain a lot of additional detail about the offer or there are numerous steps for the reader to follow, consider contacting them via email instead. However, if you have a timely or high-interest update then this is perfect content for a text message.


Avoid spam language

If your message looks like spam the reader is likely to delete it without even reading it. Make sure the language and tone suits your brand but ensure it appears professional and genuine at a quick glance.


Be identifiable

Make sure your customers know it’s you. Anonymous messages are likely to annoy potential customers or lead them to delete the message. Clearly identify your brand in the text message and in the sender name so customers are more likely to trust it.


Don’t clutter the inbox

Don’t take advantage of the method and spam your customers daily. Text messages should be used for key information and special offers that benefit from this method over others such as social media, website or email. Be particular and choose wisely when it comes to text messages.


Review successes

Monitor how customers are responding to your messages. If there is high interaction – then well done! If not, test out various approaches such as different times, days, offers and messages. Testing elements will help you to create the best SMS messages to generate measurable results.

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