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Top Tips for Improving Your Resource Efficiency

Explore how your business can do more to become resource efficient and save energy, water and reduce waste, with these useful instructions. Small changes can make a difference.


Top tips for improving your energy


Top tips for reducing your food waste


Top tips for improving your environmental responsibilities 


Top tips for reducing manufacturing waste

Waste reduction is not just important for the environment, but is a major cost-saving. Many organisations that have implemented measures to improve their resource efficiency.


Top tips for improving your recycling

Reducing waste should be the priority. First think about whether items could be re-used rather than recycled. About 70 per cent of office waste is recyclable. 


Top tips for reducing your retail waste

The retail sector produces a significant amount of waste, over 9 million tonnes a year. The disposal costs alone of this waste are likely to be around £400 million. 


Top tips for waste prevention & re-use

Waste takes many forms, and is not only found in skips and bins. You should aim to prevent waste, reduce or re-use, as a priority. The true cost of waste includes the value of materials when purchased.


Top tips for reducing water waste

The real cost of water supply and effluent disposal has risen by 40 per cent since 2002. Water costs your business twice – once for provision and again for disposal.