Welsh Construction How does forum operate

The Welsh Construction Forum: “Building Back a Better and Greener Wales” 

How does the Forum operate?

The Forum has representation from both public and private sectors and comprises Welsh Government Ministers, public sector construction clients,  industry bodies including federations, professional institutions and individual businesses and a Wales TUC representative to provide a link to wider workforce representation.  

Organisational Structure
The following image sets out how the Forum is supported: Construction Forum - Format

Working Groups
The Forum is supported by 3 working groups comprising industry sub-sectors: Infrastructure, Buildings, Housing

Task and Finish Groups
The following Task and Finish Groups have been established to take forward specific priorities: Decarbonisation of Infrastructure, Decarbonisation of Buildings, Procurement and Payment. 

Industry Stakeholders Groups
The Industry Stakeholders Group, facilitated by Constructing Excellence Wales, is open to all industry stakeholders and seeks to identify the main issues concerning industry performance through open discussion. Key priorities are then taken to the Forum and the Working Groups to develop solutions.

If you would like to attend Group meetings please contact Cat Griffith-Williams catherine.griffith-williams@cewales.org.uk 

What has the Forum delivered?
What are the priorities for the Forum?