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We provide fully funded impartial information, advice, guidance and support for people in Wales that are starting, running and growing businesses 

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Whatever your business challenge, it is likely our extensive expertise and support can help you. From help with HR advice, business planning, carbon reduction and improvements in productivity through to help with finance, we have it covered.

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Our pan-Wales team of advisers have a proven track record in starting, running and growing businesses. Their collective expertise and extensive networks mean they can help your business to overcome challenges, avoid delays and identify new opportunities.


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From starting up to scaling up, we are here to help. Our adviser network has helped businesses to secure investments worth over £120million and create 17,500 jobs. Click the buttons below to discover how we can help you to take the next step and grow your business:

Specialist support for your business

Whether you're looking to become more energy efficient, hire new employees or bid for public-sector contracts, our team of specialist advisers are on hand to help you with your specific business needs. 
These specialist advisors will provide bespoke advice and guidance on a 1-2-1 basis for your business on a range of topics including:

After completing an in-depth business diagnostic to identify opportunities for development and growth in your business, our advisers will work with you to develop and implement a strategic plan to realise your businesses potential. They will use their extensive networks to broker additional specialist advice and support to achieve this as needed. 

Effective financial management is crucial for sustainable business growth. Our business advisers can help with the preparation of key financial documents and forecasts as well as acting as impartial advisers, helping you to identify, apply for and secure the most appropriate funding options, on the right terms, for your business.

Recruiting the right staff has always been a challenge, ensuring that candidates not only meet your business needs but also fit with your businesses culture and values. Our advisers will empower and guide you from the earliest stages of recruitment, all the way through to the onboarding and induction process, helping you to build a great team for your business.

Diversification provides your business with opportunities to spread risk and explore new markets; introducing additional products and services to increase its profitability. Our advisers will use their knowledge, experience and professional networks to help you identify areas where your business can diversify and grow in a sustainable manner.

Making your business more sustainable is crucial for both the environment and your businesses success - from reducing your carbon footprint, to saving money on your energy costs and improving the efficiency of your production processes. Our Sustainability Advisers can help you map out and take proactive steps to ensure your business is operating in an efficient and sustainable manner. 

Over £6.5b is spent each year in Wales by the public sector and large industry buyers. Whatever the size of your business, wherever you are in Wales and whatever the products or services you provide, our specialist advisers can help your business find new tendering opportunities and become part of the supply chain in Wales.

Helping your employees to reach their full potential will also help turbo charge your businesses growth. Our specialist advisors will work with you identify the skills already exist in your business and highlight development opportunities. They will also share their knowledge of relevant training programmes, providers and funding opportunities to develop and upskill your team.

Our Mentoring programme provides a matching service for Welsh businesses to access one-to-one mentoring support from hundreds of experienced volunteer business mentors across Wales. These mentors will share their knowledge, provide guidance, bring fresh perspectives and act as a sounding board to help your business thrive and grow.