Business directory FAQs

The Welsh Government is looking to build a strong private sector and diverse supply chain to support Wales’ growing economy. The Directory of Welsh Businesses has been created to help achieve this goal. We invite businesses to advertise in the directory to promote their goods, services and credentials to other businesses and to consumers. Users of the directory can do a quick search for Welsh businesses by name or perform an advanced search using a combination of sector, sub-sector, region or postcode.The directory has only recently been launched and contains a very small proportion of Wales’ businesses. The directory’s coverage and use will grow as we encourage more businesses to join.

Please click here to complete your business listing.

Please click here to update your listing.

a. Can I have a listing if my business operates outside of Wales?
    No, the directory in only for businesses based in Wales.
b. Are all types of businesses eligible?
    Yes, however we do a simple check to ensure all requests meet all the directory terms and conditions. Please click here to read full site terms and conditions.

a. How do I get support on completing and maintaining my directory listing?
    Please contact us by clicking here.
b. If I have an issue about another business listing, what do I do?
    Please contact us by clicking here.
c. My business operates in more than one sector, how do I show this?
    In step 2 (further information) of listing your business, you can add multiple sectors for your business.
d. Which sector / sub sector / division should I select for my business?
    It's important to select the most appropriate sector to ensure that you best promote yourself on the directory.

a. Who do I contact if I forget my 'SOC' account username and password?
    Please contact us by calling the helpline on 03000 6 03000. If out of hours then please use the contact us form
b. What do I do if I'm unable to access my business directory listing?
    Please use the contact us form