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Our purpose is to deliver sustainable infrastructure to our clients, by providing solutions built for the future and designed for life. We're helping to maximise safety through off-site modular construction and minimising embodied carbon within our products.

Asset’s approach is to deliver concise, value-added innovative designs through its chosen business activities. Achieving sustainable growth and increasing international market share from the existing products portfolio including asset MultiPlate, asset StrenCor, asset BEBO, asset VSoL, asset BaFix and asset FRP.

Our products help transport become safer and infrastructure become more sustainable by providing cost-effective solutions, off-site build and installation efficiency.

Our mission is to inspire the face of sustainable infrastructure by creating value, supporting economic growth, considering the environmental impact and encouraging an ethos of designing for life whilst building for the future.

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Branch Location - Torfaen

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Craig Evans
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Digital Marketing & Communications Executive
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Unit 5
William Brown Close, Llantarnam Industrial Park
NP44 3AB
United Kingdom

01633 499830
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