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Welcome to Baglan Bakery. We are a family run bakery and catering service that are here to help solve all of your catering needs. Whether you are looking for regular deliveries of sandwiches, pastries and cakes from our range of menus, or looking for a reliable personal service for your one off occasion, we are here to help! Our Bakery shop is also open Monday to Friday at our base in Port Talbot, so why not pop in and see us and spoil yourself with a freshly baked treat.
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Under 250k
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Branch Location - Neath Port Talbot

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Baglan Bakery
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01639 813010
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Baglan Bakery, 119
Pentwyn Baglan Road, Baglan
Port Talbot
SA12 8EB
United Kingdom

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Under £250k
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Social Enterprise

Food and Drink

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Food and Drink