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Belle Group is a property development company, we are well versed in new builds, restoration, refurbishments, extensions and conversions.
Our work is forging an enviable reputation for delivering excellent customer service. Our team of expert bricklayers, carpenters, groundworkers, plumbers and electricians use their vast skills, honed over many years. We strive to ensure the highest level of quality on every project.
As well as the many trades, we also have a brilliant lighting division which can bring affordable design to mitigate lighting running costs, increase operational safety or simply to enhance the look of any development. With over 20 years of lighting experience, our team of LIA certified lighting design engineers we understand that design, quality and service must underpin everything we do. All designs will be supported using Relux plot results, whilst AutoCAD allows us to easily identify product location and further include controls if required.
Belle Group work hard to maintain traditional values yet continuing to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients. As large as some of our projects may be, they are all made up of countless smaller details, and we feel that its by focussing on these little things, the whole of the development becomes effortlessly beautiful.
The end client is at the heart of everything we do, from initial concept through to completion. Our high level of attention to detail is just one of the reasons many clients keep coming back to us.
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Branch Location - Monmouthshire

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Thomas Bailey
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Managing Director
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Belle Partnership Ltd, The Old Temperance Hall
West End, Magor
NP26 3HT
United Kingdom

01633 882754
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