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Provision of Portfolio Finance Director, Finance Consultancy, NED, Executive Coaching & Mentoring services


What does a Portfolio Finance Director do & why do you need one?

Many companies do not need a full time Finance Director but do need more than just a book-keeper. This is where a Portfolio Finance Director comes in.

Services that we provide include:

Ÿ business planning, budgeting & forecasting
Ÿ new funding and support with existing or new funders
Ÿ management reporting & analysis
Ÿ project support – e.g. capital investment projects
Ÿ interim staff support – cover times of stress, paternity/maternity leave, staff sickness
Ÿ liaison with external bodies – auditors, banks, insurers, HMRC
Ÿ in-depth reviews of product costing, pricing and profitability

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With experience of working in many industries and for companies ranging in size from start-ups to FTSE 100 companies, we are well placed to offer NED services to your company.
With a leaning towards finance but management experiences in Operations, Product Development, HR and other areas we can bring a wide range of knowledge and learnings to your board.


What is an Executive Coach and why do you need one?

Executive Coaching is a process through which Senior Managers, Leaders, and “C-suite” members are helped to improve their performance and personal effectiveness.

Rather than use a coach that is employed by the organisation, an external Executive Coach is truly independent. Yes, there will be interaction with an organisation’s HR department to agree terms of reference, etc. but the conversations between the coach and coachee are confidential.

There are many benefits to having an Executive Coach and these will depend on the precise form of coaching and what the agreed aims are at the start of the process. Benefits can include:

Ÿ increased clarity and understanding of priorities
Ÿ better confidence in their position as a result of being able to discuss and rationalise issues
Ÿ identify skill sets needed for development and what resources or actions are needed for this
Ÿ gain self-awareness
Ÿ unlock potential

Who hires an Executive Coach?
Historically, having Coaching in an organisation used to be seen as a remedial measure.

That is no longer the case, it’s now seen as an organisation investing in it’s top executives and those with high potential.

Unless you’re the CEO or the owner of the business, then the organisation is normally the one that hires the coach as part of an Executive Development Programme.

What does Executive Coaching involve?
Typically, there are number of phases to the Coaching process. These will be agreed between the Coach, the Coachee and the Company.

Phases will include:

Ÿ Investigation or assessment
Ÿ Exploration
Ÿ Review of options or solutions
Ÿ Action plans
There are many Coaching models – GROW, OSCAR, CREATE, COACh, FUEL, SOAR to name but a few – but they all offer similar efforts to discover and understand the coachee’s perspective and reality.

The length of the Executive Coaching process will typically be from six months to one year encompassing one session a month. This may not sound like a lot but with actions to complete, tests & interviews, time needed for reflection after each session it will soon fly by.

How does an Executive Coach do that?
An executive coach should provide a confidential sounding board for the coachee. They should:

Ÿ ask questions
Ÿ challenge assumptions
Ÿ help achieve clarity
Ÿ provide resources if required
Ÿ conduct confidential interviews to help a client gain self-awareness
Ÿ personality tests such as Myers-Briggs
help to establish development goals

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